Sorority sponsors Soul Food Sunday

Story by Jessica Lane

Zeta Phi Beta sorority will host its first Soul Food Sunday on Sunday at 4 p.m. to raise money for food pantries in Lawrence and Baldwin City.

“We’re just trying to get people to come and buy the food so that way we can give to these different organizations,” JaNay Adgers, senior and secretary of Zeta Phi Beta, said.

Last year, the sorority brought a couple of poets to campus and paid them in food rather than money. The poets referred to the offering as “Soul Food Sunday,” which sparked the fundraising idea.

“I’m really just enjoying the different ways we can impact people just from having a meal,” Adgers said.

Each plate of baked chicken, greens, macaroni, salad, muffins and a drink will be $4. Takeout orders will also be provided.

“It’s great that we can help out in the littlest way, with the little numbers that we have,” senior Stephanie Nelson, president of Zeta Phi Beta, said.

The sorority will host the dinner in room 102 of the Horn Markham apartments. For Zeta Phi Beta, it’s more than just a room–it’s a home to the four sorority members.