Fitness center should accommodate all

Story by The Baker Orange Editorial Board

With cold weather quickly approaching, it can be hard enough to gather up the motivation to turn off the TV and head out the door to go work out. But then arriving at the student fitness center only to find that all of the machines are taken makes it seem like it would be time better spent waiting in line at Jitters.

With the high percentage of student-athletes at Baker, how can three ellipticals, four treadmills and two stationery bikes accommodate the 19 athletic teams we have on campus? This will become an even greater issue later on in the winter when there is snow on the ground and the teams can’t practice outside.

In addition, several students on campus were athletes before coming to Baker and want to continue a healthy lifestyle by working out. If the fitness center is always filled with athletes at practice times, there is no room for anyone else to work out, either.

One of the obvious solutions to this problem would be to request the university purchase more exercise machines. While that may seem like a simple solution to us, it may not be reasonable because of the expense.

A Life Fitness treadmill can be anywhere from $2,000 to $7,000 each, and it would take a considerable amount of extra machines to account for all the students wanting to workout. Not only that, but the fitness center is a fairly small space with not a lot of wiggle room. Any additions would call for renovations to the room so that it can fit.

Therefore, while it may not always be convenient, students at Baker should be proactive in deciding when and where to work out.

Some of the best ways to beat the crowd in the fitness center is to arrange your workout schedule around that of others. The early mornings and late nights are some of the best times to visit the fitness center. College students are notorious for sleeping in and staying up late, so any time between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m., or later at night when students are doing homework are probably safe bets that a machine will be available.

Fitting in a work out during the day could be a good idea, too. If there is a time slot available between classes, take advantage of the time and get a quick work out in. Other students won’t mind the sweat and smell when you arrive for class right after, right?

Another alternative if all machines are taken is to switch up your workout routine. If the treadmill is occupied, try doing some strengthening exercises with dumbbells while you wait, and come back when the treadmill is open. Not only does this maximize gym time, but it adds an extra set to your work out regime.

The Baldwin City Athletic Club is also located close to campus at 912 Ames St., and offers student discounts. For $161, BU students can purchase access to the fitness center and tanning station for the entire semester. This option is best when purchased at the beginning of the semester, either in August or January.

While the fitness center isn’t the biggest or the best compared to other universities, by taking advantage of the hours when others are usually busy doing other things, any student-athlete or non-athlete, can be sure to get in a quality workout without having to wait.