Travel interterm to provide ‘real experience’

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Travel interterm to provide ‘real experience’

Story by Victoria Bostick, Writer

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Baker students, faculty and others in the community are invited to participate in the June travel interterm to Morocco.

Associate Professor of Sociology Jake Bucher is in charge of the travel opportunity entitled “Social Movements and Change in Morocco.”

“I always said if I were going to do interterms, especially travel interterms, I wanted to do things that had an element of ‘real’ to them,” Bucher said. “I wanted to take students to places that weren’t westernized cultures or vacation spots, so that students could get a real experience of the world,” Bucher said

He said there are eight students interested in going on this trip, which is the minimum number needed. He hopes more students will show interest and commit to going. With eight students, the partnering organization, ARAMFO, will offset more than 50 percent of the cost.

If she can cover the $3,200 needed for the trip, junior Peyton Weekly said she would enroll in the course.

“I have always wanted to travel outside of the country,” Weekly said. ”And it’s with Dr. Bucher, who is an amazing professor, and I know that he puts a lot of time and effort into making sure that his classes will be beneficial and fun.”

Weekly, a sociology major, is also excited to apply concepts she learned in the classroom while on the trip.

“Not only is it going to be an amazing travel experience being immersed in another culture and all, it is also going to be a good learning experience academically,” Weekly said.

Regardless of students’ majors, the trip can be beneficial to their understanding of different cultures. Bucher said once the final group is set they will decide what types of people they want to speak to while in Morocco. Among the options are legal officials, religious figures and those involved in business.

“There are certainly some academic goals I have, but the very basic goal for the trip is that students gain an understanding and appreciation for another culture,” Bucher said.

Junior Katelyn Morris is also looking into the travel interterm.

“I have never disliked one of Bucher’s classes. They are always pretty wonderful, and I am a sociology minor so it is just interesting to me,” Morris said.

Morris is planning to attend graduate school and said this experience will add to her resume.

“He made a very valid point that the Harlaxton (College) experience is a very white experience and the Morocco trip is going to be different than that,” Morris said.