Snow days bring joy despite complications


Story by Mykaela Cross, Assistant Editor

The Baker University campus became a winter wonderland of snow and ice after a snowstorm hit Baldwin City on Feb. 4-5.

According to the National Weather Service’s website, Baldwin City was hit with more than 10 inches over the two-day period.

Students and faculty received two snow days during the duration of the storm. Some students were surprised, given Baker’s past cancellation policies. Sophomore Jami Hodge was one of them.

“Not very often do residential colleges call off school,” Hodge said. “We were all super excited.”

Though senior Sierra Wallace admitted she dislikes snow, she was also uplifted when she heard the news.

“I got to watch some movies, caught up on homework and hung out with friends,” Wallace said.

Freshman Nick Frank also enjoyed his snow day, taking the chance to sit back and play “zombies.”

Frank admitted that he got to enjoy his ideal snow day, but he wasn’t the only one to have fun. Hodge got the chance to join in on an Ottawa snow day tradition.

“I went night sledding. It’s something that a lot of people in Ottawa do when it snows,” Hodge said. “A bunch of the kids from the high school came out.”

Hodge’s evening of fun was cut short by the bitter temperatures, but she includes night sledding in her description of her ideal snow day.

Having so much snow may have been fun and exciting for many students on campus, but it also caused some complications. For Hodge, the snow has made it difficult to commute to school from her home in Ottawa.

“It’s been a pain,” Hodge said. “I had to miss Thursday’s class because I’d tried to get my car onto the highway and got stuck, so it was frustrating to find out what I missed and getting excused from class.”

Even though she had to miss, Hodge said her professors were flexible about the traveling issues and were even slightly excited about the snow days.

Wallace, Hodge, and Frank all agree that even though the snow days may have jumbled some things around in their course schedules, classes are going along smoothly, and though snow still covers campus, things are settling back to normal.