Greek recruitment increases membership

Story by Sarah Baker, Editor

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Both the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Council reported an increase in new members following the recruitment processes at the beginning of the fall term.

Official recruitment numbers show that the Panhellenic Council received 56 successful pledges out of the 82 women who registered for recruitment. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) reported that two fraternities almost doubled their new member numbers from last year.

“This year it’s pretty well diversified,” IFC President Sean Driskill said. “I think it will help Greek life actually come back to life and help all of the houses thrive.”

As of Friday, Delta Tau Delta has received 15 new members; Sigma Phi Epsilon has 21, improving from last year’s 12; Zeta Chi added eight new members; and with 14, Kappa Sigma doubled its number from last year.

On the sorority side, Zeta Tau Alpha has 18 new members and Alpha Chi Omega and Delta Delta Delta each have 19 new members. The percentage of women who completed the whole recruitment process, from registration to pledging, increased from last year.

“Recruitment was a success,” Panhellenic Council President Jade Brake said. “I mean, look at our wonderful new members … It’s a fun process knowing girls’ lives, for the four years of college will be impacted by the sorority recruitment process, even if a woman who goes through (recruitment) doesn’t join a house.”

Driskill thinks the fraternal recruitment success is mainly because of the work the Alumni Fraternity Council did over the summer, meeting with men on campus visits and informing them about Greek life.

Dean of Students Cassy Bailey, who is managing fraternity and sorority life after the departure of former coordinator Jennifer Letner, thinks the most successful recruitment week event was the Greek Life Block Party.

“You have both men and women together and it’s very social,” Bailey said. “You have potential new members mingling with Greek chapter members; there’s no pressure, there’s no time frame, there’s not a formality to it…I really liked the energy of that event.”

Members from both sororities and fraternities alike think this year’s recruitment was an overall success and are happy to have have their new members to prove it.