Intramurals offers five sports

Story by Victoria Bostick, Writer

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Athletes and non-athletes are invited to participate in a variety of intramural sports at Baker. For fall, five intramural sports are offered: kickball, flag football, powder puff football, indoor soccer and dodgeball.

An additional four will be offered for the spring semester. All intramural events are free to students, and those interested can sign up online.

According to Randy Flowers, director of student life, 323 different students participated in intramural sports last year. Prior to taking over director of intramurals, Flowers said he did not realize how big the program was.

“I think intramurals is very unique here at Baker because typically about 75 percent of incoming freshmen are athletes so a lot of times students compete in intramurals because it is the sport that they are not actually competing in at Baker,” Flowers said.

Seniors E.J. Carter and Antonio Adgers help run the program as referees and schedule coordinators. Both men were selected through an interview process that took place in the spring. Students can also be hired as referees for the intramural events and are compensated.

“I enjoy working with closely with my friend Antonia Adgers and I just like the whole experience of intramurals,” Carter said.

Both students and Flowers work with the athletic department to schedule facilities for activities.

“That is definitely the biggest challenge with intramurals; trying to have enough facilities for the competitions,” Flowers said.

For those students looking to compete in an intramural sport, Carter had some advice:

“Do not take it so seriously,” he said. “it is just fun and games. Either you go out there and you win, you go out there and you almost win or you get blown out by 50. Either way it is about having fun.”