Sophomore reaches out through Bible study


Story by Mykaela Cross, Assistant Editor

One Baker University sophomore intends to inspire campus, one Wildcat at a time.

Kaitlyn Stout, a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, is an education major and religious studies minor. After finding a book that was influential to her, Stout chose to share her revelations with her sorority sisters and hopes to spread the word to as many ears as possible through a group Bible study.

It was in middle school that Stout received her calling and knew instantly she wanted to be a guide for young adults.

“Some my life’s greatest mentors were youth ministers,” Stout said.

Despite her love for reaching out to others, Stout was nervous when she began her preparations for the new group and faced some snags along the way.

“I wanted everyone to feel welcome, comfortable and secure in the group,” Stout said. “The biggest obstacle for me was trying to figure out a way to invite people to join.”

Stout wants to reach out to as many people as she can, no matter their denomination, background or personality. In the opening weeks of the ible study, Stout introduced the book Sex and the City Uncovered<em>Sex and the City Uncovered</em>. . Sex and the City Uncovered.

“Each week we read a chapter of the book and discuss it,” Stout said. “It’s very relatable to college aged women and teaches some amazing lessons about being a strong Christian woman and looking for love in all the right places.”

Brittney Harmon is also a sophomore Delta Delta Delta member and has enjoyed being a part of the group.

“I am a religion major with intentions of going to seminary and so I do a lot of work with small groups,” Harmon said. “I haven’t had an opportunity to do a small group with people my own age, so this is really the first time that I’ve been able to talk to be people my own age about my college journey and how that incorporates into my relationship with God.”

Harmon’s favorite part of being a member of the group is the support she feels from the other members.

“It’s a time that we get to share with each other about our days and what we’re going through which strengthens our relationships within the house as well as the community service projects we can do to help out the community outside of the house,” Harmon said.

Junior Callie Brabender is also a fan of the group’s social aspect.

“I love the community aspect and support,” Brabender said. “It’s nice to be able to go and vent and share our joys and concerns with people who are so supportive and understanding.”

Brabender’s reason for joining the group is a desired sense of accountability.

“I focused on school and other things in college life. The girls hold me accountable to be the person I want to be,” Brabender said.

Stout recommends that any young woman wishing to join should contact her, but also that anyone interested in joining the Bible study group should keep an ear out for future activities.

“After we’re finished with this segment of the group and this books, I think I want to be more attentive to all of campus and find a book that can be beneficial to both men and woman,” Stout said.