Intramurals offering seven sports

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Intramurals offering seven sports

Story by Paige Rockers, Writer

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Intramurals organizers are offering seven sports this year. With flag football, indoor soccer, dodge ball, 3-on-3 basketball, 5-on-5 basketball, volleyball and putt-putt golf, there are activities to please almost everyone.

Director of Intramurals Randy Flowers reported that 323 different people participated in one or multiple intramural sports during the 2013-14 school year.

“We look at other institutions and what they’re doing,” Flowers said. “It’s hard for us to look at other NAIA institutions because our program is way larger than any NAIA institution out there.”

Baker University Intramurals partners with Student Activities Council to co-sponsor powder puff football, which was held during Homecoming week and putt-putt golf.

SAC President Ashley Riniker deemed powder puff football a success this year.

“I think everyone had a lot of fun and I’m hoping it will be something that we can continue to do over the years, building it and making it an even better game,” Riniker said.

Flowers receives help from two student intramural coordinators, seniors EJ Carter and Antonio Adgers. Adgers started as an intramural referee and took over the coordinator position in his junior year.

Adgers said he puts in anywhere from 5 to 11 hours a week depending on which sports are in season. The heavier workload comes during intramural basketball, the most popular intramural sport.

Because of its popularity, basketball is also the sport that Adgers considers to be most competitive.

“A lot of people come out and participate and try to live out their hoop dreams through intramural basketball,“ Adgers said.

Although it can get competitive, Adgers says that sportsmanship is usually not an issue and that sometimes all it takes is talking to an intramural athlete to remind him or her that it is all for fun.

Adgers’ favorite sport to coordinate is volleyball.

“The coordinators have a lot of hand-on things to do,” Adgers said. “We are the ones who stand up on the net and count every point. It’s really fun to watch everyone play… during other seasons I might be doing so much that I don’t get watch everything, but volleyball is different. I get to see pretty much everything.”

Students can watch their emails and the Baker website for upcoming intramural activities.