Dating Doctor plans visit to BU

Story by Nathalia Barr, Managing Editor

After formally asking his lady on a date, possibly asking for her father’s permission beforehand, the gentleman would pick up his date. He would open the doors for her, pay for her dinner or movie ticket, walk her back to her front door just before curfew, and maybe end the date with a kiss … Or maybe two, making it clear that they are both interested in a relationship.

Wait. This is not the 1950s anymore.

Today you ‘know it is real’ when he/she likes your pictures on Instagram or makes you his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) or her #MCM (Man Candy Monday) for the internet to see. A girl can find a guy to date based on what other girls say on his Lulu profile. He could match with her on Tinder, and if she is lucky enough, he will not start things off with a highly offensive or derogatory pick-up line.

Maybe a guy even uses quiz answers to find the woman of his dreams on OK Cupid. He will get a thrill from chatting online and waiting anxiously for a response, probably with little face-to-face interaction.

The dating scene has evolved.

“I think that with dating apps like Tinder you lose the ability to meet someone in person,” senior Caroline Lockwood, a Tinder user, said. “Also, you have to be careful who you talk to.”

We no longer do things the same way our parents or grandparents did. Whether it is right or wrong — that is for us to decide.

David Coleman has expert knowledge about relationships and is known around the United States as the Dating Doctor. He performs in military, corporate and college settings. And he is coming to Baker.

As a 14-time National Collegiate Speaker of the Year award winner, Coleman’s expertise and experience provide college students with the help to survive in this generation of online dating and long distance relationships while taking on several other roles in their lives.

Coleman has several different programs; at Baker, he will do his program “Making Relationships Matter.” He will address mutual consent, the ABC’s of initial interest, signs of cheating, seven traits we look for in others, characteristics of healthy relationships and more.

“Student Activities Council attends the National Association of Campus Activities Conference annually,” Director of Student Life Randy Flowers said. “That is where we saw him and decided to have him come here.”

Sophomore Jami Sanborn is in charge of this SAC event. Sanborn said that there are many blurred lines when it comes to relationships. She thinks it is important for college students to hear from the Dating Doctor.

“It was also perfect timing to have him come here near Valentine’s Day,” Sanborn said.

The Dating Doctor will present his show “Making Relationships Matter” to Baker students at 9 p.m. on February 18, in Rice Auditorium.