Seniors raising funds for class gate


Story by Nathalia Barr, Managing Editor

Baker traditions, which have been instilled into students since the Traditions Night of orientation, are a vital part of every student’s experience at Baker. The senior class of 2015 wants to improve the traditions for its class, the House of Hanover, by creating a class gate.

The other three classes – Columbian Commonwealth, Senatus Romanus and King Arthur’s Court – all have gates on campus. As part of Traditions Night, members of each class enter campus through their respective gate as freshmen, then they symbolically depart through the gate again at graduation.

Although House of Hanover was the first class established at the university, a class gate was never built. The class of 2015 is working to leave its legacy on Baker’s campus as a physical gift to the university.

The idea arose during Kacee Britton’s freshman year, but she said it was the pressure of graduation that really pushed the idea into action. The senior class president is excited to see a plan finally playing out.

“Thinking about traditions gives me chills,” Britton said. “But it is about time we stop borrowing other classes’ gates.”

So far, the seniors have raised over $5,000 of the $14,000 needed to fund the project. This money has strictly come from secured funds of donations made by students, faculty, alumni and families.

The goal is to have the money raised by March 31, including pledges to donate. If the total amount is reached, the seniors plan to break ground on April 1.

Senior Rachel Haley is working to get donations; the 2015 project involves writing letters to the families of students and asking students to donate $20.15. Every Thursday, the seniors will have a table in the Long Student Center for donations, and those who donate will be put into raffles and giveaways.

Haley hopes students join in the project to help better the community and the tradition.

“Parents always tell you to leave somewhere better than you found it,” Haley said. “So I see this as investing in the future and that is something I am passionate about.”

The House of Hanover gate will be on Sixth Street on the south side of the Ivan L. Boyd Center, facing Sigma Phi Epsilon. If construction goes as planned, the gate will be unveiled during STAG to celebrate before the class of 2015 walks through the gate on graduation, May 17.

Britton thinks the history and tradition will become more significant when House of Hanover has its own gate, and senior Jacob Mogle agrees.

“Baker has given me so much, and (the gate) is just a small way I can help to give back,” Mogle said.