Baker to add Physical Education Department

Story by Heidi Jo Hayden, Writer

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Baker University will add a Physical Education Department within its School of Education on July 1. Associate Professor Verneda Edwards will serve as head of the department.

Along with the School of Education, members of Baker Athletic Department and College of Arts and Sciences will work to ensure the Physical Education Department has all of the resources necessary to be successful on campus.

“The School of Education and College of Arts and Sciences have had a great working relationship, and I look forward to becoming a part of the work,” Edwards said.

The purpose of the new department is primarily to benefit students by coordinating their needs of taking classes from a variety of disciplines in order to complete their undergraduate degree.

“By having one person to oversee scheduling and advising, it will help lessen conflicts in course scheduling and make sure that the particular needs of the education degree are emphasized,” Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Martha Harris said.

Students are looking forward to the changes this new department will bring to their education while at Baker University.

“I think having our own department will benefit students like me who want to be physical education teachers,” sophomore Jordan Brown said. “I think this will help me make better decisions with my major, and help me develop better teaching habits related to my specific subject.”

Physical education students have expressed how thankful they are that Baker wants to help them by adding this new department.

“I think that with the addition of this new department I will be given more opportunities to help with my degree and major,” freshman Brayden Meyer said.

Edwards will serve as an adviser to physical education students and also teach in the program. Edwards wants to be readily available to guide both students and faculty members. Her goals reciprocate what the students are expecting to get out of the new department.

“Our goal is to produce talented physical educators who can make a difference in the health and well-being of pre-K-12 students,” Edwards said.