The Big Event expands service opportunities

Story by Nathalia Barr, Managing Editor

Baker Serves will provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to join in and give back to the community on April 25 for this year’s Big Event.

The Big Event is an annual day of service that was started at Texas A&M University as a way for college students to thank their surrounding community.

Senior Liz Jordan is the student intern for the Big Event, working alongside Shevy Booze, the coordinator of Baker Serves, to organize the activities. Jordan is eager to see the turnout for this year’s event, as she has been organizing the website and advertisements, spreading awareness to the student body, keeping in contact with participating organizations and managing the student signups.

“We have an awesome community of businesses and organizations that support our student body,” Jordan said.

Baker Serves members hope to get more people involved and fill all 110 volunteer spots available. Currently, the group is about halfway there.

There will be nine events that volunteers can participate in around the Baldwin City and Lawrence area. Examples include cleaning out the community theater, helping with the primary center’s carnival, distributing meals for the mobile soup kitchen, working in the public library, and planting trees at the Homespun Hill Farm. The events are available throughout the day, so students can still participate even if they have other obligations that day.

Sophomore Ryenn Johns, the president of Baker Serves, has always loved to serve others.

“I think it is a great thing to be a part of,” Johns said. “Especially in our own communities.”

Jordan said she encourages students to get involved because donating time through the Big Event is a really simple, yet meaningful way to show appreciation.

Both Johns and Jordan agreed that serving their community not only benefits others, but participants too and everyone always has a fun time meeting people.

“Last year the Big Event was rained out,” Johns said. “So I’m really excited to participate for the first time this year.”

This year Johns said the organization would go on rain or shine.

“It is my hope that we are so overwhelmed with volunteers that the Big Event can continue to grow in years to come,” Jordan said.