Water Wars prepares to douse campus

Story by Nathalia Barr, Managing Editor

Baker Ambassadors’ annual Water Wars competition is about to turn campus sidewalks into a soggy battle zone. In a time of the year when stress and anxiety levels are reaching all-time highs, Baker Ambassadors offers students a break with the game. Water will be shot from water bottles, water balloons, and water guns.

The 56 students who are signed up to participate will receive a name and picture of their target. Starting Tuesday, anytime participants sees their target on campus, except in class, they can shoot their target with water. Once players are shot and out, they hand over their target to the person that shot them. The goal is to be the last player in the game, avoiding getting shot with water.

The winner will receive a “lifetime full of pride,” according to sophomore Kaitlyn Stout, who is the social chair for Baker Ambassadors. She helps plan, publicize, and oversee events around campus. She believes the game couldn’t come at a better time in the year.

“It’s also a great release of stress with finals right around the corner,” Stout said. “And who doesn’t love playing water games?”

Sophomore Madison Wendt is also part of Baker Ambassadors and participated in Water Wars last year. After making an alliance with sophomore Chad Phillips, he ended up turning on her and getting her out with a hidden water bottle.

“I’m still kind of bitter about it,” Wendt said, recalling last year’s events. “But Water Wars gets students to be pretty competitive.”

Although it may become cutthroat between students, it is intended to create a “social aspect for the Christian group on campus,” Stout said. All students are encouraged to participate regardless of their religious beliefs.

“Ira DeSpain (Baker’s previous campus minister) called it ‘remember your baptism’ last year,” Stout said.

Baker Ambassadors is looking forward to getting more students involved each year. Even for those not participating, the war may be entertaining to watch.

“It’s a really positive and uplifting way to get everyone’s mind off the stress,” Wendt said.