10 necessities for 4 years at BU


Story by Whitney Silkey, Assistant News Editor

When it comes to preparing for college, it can be difficult to figure out which items are needed in your dorm and which items are a waste of space and money. Here is a list of things that students might find useful during their four years at Baker.

1. Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is an inexpensive and convenient way to keep bathroom supplies organized all in one place.

2. Twin XL Comforter

Bedding is a necessity when living anywhere, especially a dorm. Twin XL sized comforters, sheets, and waterproof mattress pads fit Baker’s beds.

3. Cleaning and Laundry Supplies

Students should have laundry detergent and dryer sheets on hand. A hamper or laundry basket is also recommended to keep dirty clothes organized and out of the way, and they also make it easier to transport laundry to and from the washer and dryer.

4. Planner

“Making sure you have your life in order with a planner can lead to a smoother year,” sophomore Abigail Kaff said. “Even though it might seem like a hectic schedule, at least having your plans written down can keep you from missing a important event.”

5. USB Flash Drives

“USB flash drives are really useful because all your documents for all your classes can be stored in one place,” junior Luke Miltz said. “You don’t have to worry about always using the same computer or carrying a laptop somewhere.”

6. Power Strips

Living in a room with limited outlets can be inconvenient for roommates. Power strips are a way to allow for more electronics to be plugged in. Baker’s residence life allows U/L-approved extension cords and power strips that have 7 plugs or less.

7. Sturdy Backpack

“Make sure you have a sturdy backpack when you come to school, because the more books you carry the smarter you look,” sophomore Amy Wysong said.

8. Storage Crates/Drawers

Storage crates and organizers can be used to maximize limited space in a dorm room. They provide a place to store shoes, books, cleaning supplies or any other random items.

9. Trash Can

Having a trash can, or two, is necessary to keep messes to a minimum. Trash can liners are also important to keep the trash can clean from liquids, gum and other messy things.

10. Lamp

Lamps are useful for roommates with differing schedules. If one is sleeping, the other can still study and do other things with the use of a desk lamp. There are also lamps that clip on to things, such as a headboard, if studying in bed is preferred. Baker’s residence halls allow non-halogen lamps.

In addition to these 10 college essentials, here are a few other supplies that may be useful during your time at Baker. Tech accessories, such as headphones and a phone charger, are some things to remember when packing. Additionally, dorm decorations can be a way to make a dorm homier, and can be a fun way to get crafty. A mini-fridge, microwave and/or snacks are always a good idea for when an afternoon or midnight snack is needed.

Gathering these supplies before move-in day on Aug. 22 will help make the transition into dorm and college life a little easier.