Campus building names decoded


Story by Whitney Silkey, Assistant News Editor

It’s the time of year when back-to-school commercials are on repeat, and when people start stressing about how much they have to pay for their textbooks for the semester. Yep, it’s time for fall classes to start.

Another year of school means another year of confusion for new students on Baker’s campus. Which buildings are which? Why do they have multiple names?

I’m going to help clear up the confusion so that we can all find our classes more easily on the first day (which is August 26, in case that wasn’t already written in the brand-spanking-new planner you just bought.)

First, there’s Mabee Memorial Hall. This building is just really confusing in and of itself. Have you ever tried to maneuver your way to Mabee 400? Yeah. That’s difficult. For starters, it can be difficult to find it because the building itself says, “Memorial Hall” on the front facade. So…let’s just call it “Mabee.” Returning upperclassmen should do their part to help freshmen navigate the Mabee stairs and hallways during the first week.

Then, there’s the union. Technically it’s named the Long Student Center, but the building has a lot more going on. There is the old name, Harter Union, not to be confused with Hartley Plaza, which is the circle area outside of the union. Also connected are the Daily Grind, the cafeteria and the Baker bookstore. To keep things simple, I think we should all just agree to call it “the Union.” Besides, it can be hard to say “Meet me at the Long Student Center” when you’re out of breath from climbing to the third floor of Case Hall.

Another building that can cause a lot of confusion is the science building. Is it the Ivan L. Boyd Center for Collaborative Science or is it Mulvane Hall? Mulvane is technically a part of the Boyd Center, which is the entire building. I guess we’re supposed to call it the Boyd Center, but I’m going to keep referring to it as Mulvane because some people, like myself, don’t like change.

Lastly, don’t be confused by repeated names such as Collins Library and Collins House. One of them houses books and computers, while the other houses the university president, her husband, and their two dogs. Adding one more to the list, the Collins Center is the home gym for Baker’s basketball and volleyball teams.

Thankfully, Baker does not have many buildings, so not too much memorization is required. Now that we know how to get around campus, we can enjoy the trees and squirrels we see along the way.