BU sports fans can now buy advance tickets


Story by Bailey Conklin, Sports Editor

Baker fans are now able to buy tickets to sporting events through the Baker athletics website. Some spectators are coming to games with tickets already in hand.

“We’re trying to make it easier on fans,” Assistant Director of Athletic Communications Tyler Price said. “It’s nice you can print them right there from home and bring them in.”

Price stressed how easy it is to go online to order and print tickets for football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and wrestling. It reduces waiting times in line and makes tickets for adults and non-Baker students a dollar or two cheaper.

For those who may have bad internet connection or are out of printer ink, tickets are still available at the gates. Price said the main goal is to reduce ticket lines for fans and to allow them to use a debit or credit card to purchase however many tickets they might need.

“For us as a department, we can now track how many people are entering our games a little easier,” Price said.

As we now move into the month of October, there has not been much criticism of the process. Unfortunately, many people still don’t know that purchasing online tickets is an option.

Evelyn Vila, a senior who helps take tickets at Liston Stadium, thinks the new online purchasing method is under-utilized.

“It would be really helpful if more people did it,” Vila said. “I don’t think people know that much about it.”