Darrell Bowersox to retire


Story by Abby Reynolds

Students might see Darrell Bowersox roaming Allen Dining Hall, or might find him in his corner office planning the food service schedule, but that will soon end, because the food service staff will be short a man in June.

Bowersox, Baker University director of dining services, will be retiring in June after working at Baker University for 26 years.

He came from Hutchison Community College in April of 1985 and has created lasting memories at Baker.

“I came to Baker to settle down,” Bowersox said. “I wanted to have a home where I work.”

His retirement was no surprise, since he has been thinking about this for a few years. Bowersox said he is at a point in his life where he wants to spend more time with his family and do some things he has never had time to do.

“My wife and I want to travel to national parks after Labor Day when all the students go back to school and the parks are cleared out,” Bowersox said.

His decision wasn’t easy, though. He has made a family at Baker, and it will be a big transition to leave. He said he has met a lot of good students and made many good memories in his years.

“The university has grown so much in the time I have been here,” Bowersox said. “The look of Baker has gone through so many positive changes, that student’s right now wouldn’t believe everything I have seen or been through in my 26 years here.”

Close friend and employee Tanya Sieber, assistant director of food services, has worked with Bowersox for nine years. She has formed a very close bond with her boss and has never had a boss that is so “hands on” with his employees.

“I have never had a boss that is more deeply caring, kind-hearted,” Sieber said. “He insisted to carve out time for my family, so when I retire I wouldn’t have missed any opportunities with them.”

Dean of Students Cassy Bailey said the food services department has really appreciated Bowersox and is glad he is retiring to take time out for his family. Bailey said there will be a tremendous hole left in the department.

“Darrell’s service, work ethic, and caring for students and his faculty, is unbelievable,” Bailey said. “It will be hard to fill his spot.”

A reception will take place for Bowersox Wednesday at the Collins House.

“It is very nice to be honored,” Bowersox said, “but it is a very bitter-sweet moment, and the anticipation is worse than the actual recognition ceremony.”