Katie Nolan is becoming one of television’s best sports hosts

Story by Jim Joyner, Sports Editor

Throughout the Royals season, you may have seen commercials for a show on Fox Sports 1 called  Garbage Time with Katie Nolan. Because I watched the Royals every night this summer, I became used to hearing about her show but never thought much about watching it.

Garbage Time is Nolan’s 30 minutes to express her opinions on the week’s sports headlines, including humorous sketches and interviews with fellow media members like Rachel Nichols, Michelle Beadle and Bill Simmons.

Many of the original commercials featured her making jokes about the Wave being outlawed at baseball games, coaches needing to wear the team’s uniform in every sport or NBA players never being called for traveling. At first glance, I said to myself, “What does this girl know about sports?”

Then I stumbled upon a three-minute video with Nolan discussing the Greg Hardy situation for the Dallas Cowboys.

After assaulting his ex-girlfriend by throwing her into furniture filled with guns and strangling her, Hardy was placed on the NFL’s exempt list for the back half of the 2014 season. Hardy received a 10-game suspension in April of 2015 but that suspension was reduced to four games in July. Hardy then joined the Cowboys after week four.

Nolan was appalled by the decision of the Cowboys not only to sign Hardy to their team but to support him after he made a fool of himself in his first meetings with the media. Hardy said that he was going to come out “guns a-blazing” and then he talked about Tom Brady’s girlfriend.

When Nolan jumped all over Hardy and the Cowboys, she had me hooked. She didn’t just go at them because she’s a woman but because she, and I, believe that Greg Hardy is bad for the NFL. She proved to me that she is exactly what sports television needs.

But Garbage Time does not typically cover such serious issues. Nolan has a standup comedy feel while poking fun at the sports world. Not only does she host her weekly, 30-minute show, but she also does weekly podcasts. The best part about her podcasts is that they’re uncensored. She makes NFL picks, talks with celebrity guests and continues to poke fun at the sports world, but uncensored.

On Oct. 21, the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future arrived in 2015, Garbage Time was filled with BTTF references. The next episode was her Halloween episode and she continued to make me laugh with her Halloween-themed segments.

Katie Nolan is beginning to pioneer a new frontier for women in sports. We’ve all seen Erin Andrews or Tracy Wolfson interviewing coaches on the sideline. We’ve also seen Lindsay Czarniak or Hannah Storm anchoring SportsCenter. But what Katie Nolan is doing is a whole new ballgame.

There are not many women who have ever hosted their own show, especially with that show entirely centered on their own opinions. Katie Nolan is paving the way for women to get into the sports talk business.

Garbage Time might just be one of the first steps for Katie Nolan in her rise to becoming one of the most prominent female voices in sports. Nolan will be successful for a long time. She is innovative, and she’s really good at what she does.