#BakeOver: Students take over BU social media

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#BakeOver: Students take over BU social media

Story by Aradaisia Walker

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As a result of winning a class game, five students in a group called “Meek Mill’s Shattered Confidence” took over Baker University’s official Instagram and newly launched Snapchat accounts for a day.

The students controlled these platforms on Halloween to give an inside look at how Baker students celebrate one of the most significant holidays on campus.

This contest is a possible glimpse into one of Baker’s future marketing strategies. The students used the hashtag “bakeover,” but this may not be the last hashtag or social media takeover on campus.

“It was a lot of fun, but I was also very anxious because this is unlike anything Baker has ever allowed,” takeover participant Gage Kiesling said.

The marketing department was willing to try student-driven content with the goal to produce an increase in social media conversations about Baker.

“There has been a significant increase in everything on social media for Baker, from followers to impressions,” Director of Marketing Chris Smith said.

During the fall semester, Smith is teaching Mass Media & Society, the class that offered “Meek Mill’s Shattered Confidence” the chance to take over BU’s Instagram and Snapchat for a day.

“Students are the most valuable asset for Baker,” Smith said. “The students we have are vital to aspects of this institution such as recruitment. The opinions and voices of our students are authentic and should be shared.”

If trends remain the same, the takeover may be the start to a new era of marketing for Baker University, allowing others to see life at Baker through the eyes of the student body rather than faculty and staff. Other institutions, especially larger colleges, use hashtags and student interaction on social media and show that it could heavily influence how Baker is perceived.

“I believe it’s a great idea for the university to take a new route and have interest in showing everyone how Baker really is for us as students,” freshman Alexus Williams said, Williams watched the #BakeOver on social media.