Provost Brian Posler to become president at Ohio college


Baker University will soon say goodbye to Provost Brian Posler, who will be making the transition to his new position as president of Lake Erie College in Painesville, Ohio

Posler said he will begin his transition away from Baker at the beginning of May. However, since he has accumulated additional responsibilities, he isn’t aware of who will fill all of those roles.

“It would be an unusual configuration to go out and say we need somebody who is good in all these different places,” Posler said. “My guess is they will move some duties around a little bit.”

Assistant Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Martha Harris has worked closely with Posler for the past few years and said she will miss his guidance and leadership.

“I don’t think we can do without a dean of the college, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have some interim folks helping out until that search is conducted,” Harris said.

She and Posler said there is still plenty of time to work out the mechanics in his absence, and the faculty at Baker is more than capable of finding a suitable candidate to fill his positions.

“I believe that the administration is still working on a plan for the near future as well as for the search for a permanent replacement,” Harris said.

However, this is no easy feat as Posler’s role as provost was one of many different jobs.

“When I arrived they decided to combine the dean of the college of arts role with the the vice president of academic affairs role,” Posler said. “In more recent times, they added the functions of enrollment and student affairs to this position.”

President Lynne Murray has been aware of Posler’s presidential opportunity for many months. She gives Posler and his family best wishes as they begin this journey. She is confident in the faculty’s abilities as this shift in responsibilities takes place.

“Baker University prides itself on the talent and expertise of its faculty and its students,” Murray said. “We are so blessed to have among us some of the nation’s best and brightest.”

Even though Posler will be leaving in June, Murray plans to keep him involved in the decision-making processes throughout this semester.

“I will be working with Brian and with university stakeholders on an interim plan to transition his responsibilities while developing a long-term one best suited to advance the university,” she said.

However excited Posler may be in his upcoming role as president, he still made known his gratitude toward Baker University and the opportunities he was able to fulfill in his time here.

“I have treasured my colleagues and my students,” he said. “I will miss the folks here dearly.”