Bowling season ends at sectionals

The Baker bowling team spent its spring break heading back to Las Vegas for the second time this season to compete in the U.S. Bowling Congress sectionals March 12-15. Out of the eight teams that competed, Baker placed seventh.

Even with a seventh-place finish, sophomore Brett Juhl believes the team has the tools to come back and compete next year.

“We definitely do have the skill and the people to be able to finish well,” Juhl said. “We proved that, we won our tournament here in Lawrence.”

The six bowlers that made the trip to Las Vegas were all experienced and had competed in sectionals the previous year. Three bowlers competed individually and the team competed together in a baker format tournament.

The three players that competed individually were Mackenzie Mitchell, who placed 20th, Krista Hill who placed 32nd, and Allyson Ware, who placed 47th. Sectionals takes the top four bowlers individually and the top four teams; therefore, Vegas concluded the BU team’s season.

When competing in a baker competition, five team members typically alternate what frames they bowl. This puts every bowler in the spotlight to change the outcome of the game, frame by frame. A baker competition not only tests the team, but each player individually.

“I did fairly well individually,” Juhl said. “It was my first time at Baker being the anchor player, so that was kind of a big deal, and it was fun.”

Ware made the trip to sectionals for the third time in her bowling career and has high hopes to compete again next year both as a team and individually.

“Individually, I performed okay,” Ware said. “I know that I have a lot to work on, but I’m planning to put my best foot forward for the upcoming season. We all want to advance and I know we can.”

As a team that spends a lot of time together, Ware believes they can understand each other and “are able to help when necessary.” She said that “fundamentals are important” but so is the “physiological mindset.”