TV Review: Is ‘The Catch’ a con or a good catch?

Story by Mykaela Cross, Assistant Editor

Trailers for ABC’s new show The Catch promised intrigue, action and a plot that thrills. After the pilot’s premiere Thursday night, it seems ABC means to keep those promises. From cast performance to plot twists, it may be ABC’s next big hit.

From the producers of Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, The Catch follows the life of protagonist and Los Angeles’ top private investigator, Alice Vaughan as she struggles to aid in the apprehension of Mr. X, a con man of unmatched skill. Unbeknown to Alice, Mr. X has his own plans for their relationship and ends up conning her out of millions of dollars and possibly the future of her company.

Though Alice prides herself in being the best of the best at catching cons and gathering information on any con, Mr. X manages to beat her every time, always one step ahead, even in the game of love. He is so elusive that even the FBI can’t get their cuffs on him, and closer to Alice than she knows, Mr. X turns out to be an unexpected protagonist in antagonist’s clothing, or vice versa.

While the main plot ensures the story is dripping with dramatic irony and coated in compelling twists, The Catch not only creates an atmosphere filled with anticipation but also presents character relationships that manage to snag viewers by the heart strings. Because the plot involves high risk and high reward, fans who love action, adrenaline and mystery are sure to have their tastes sated, while fans who enjoy steamy, forbidden romances, drama and character development will be pleased with the intricate design of character relationships, particularly the relationship between Alice and Mr. X.

The success of both the plot and the character development would not have been obtainable if it were not for the cast’s stellar performance. Mirelle Enos, the Alice in The Catch’s not-so-wonderful Wonderland, portrays the many facets of her character wonderfully. Whether she be the confident P.I., the broken con victim or the furious woman scorned, Enos’ ability to express and portray her character’s emotions enables viewers to connect with her character on a level that will keep them coming back to root for her.

Enos’ co-star, the man behind the mystery, played by Peter Krause, is the villainous hero of the story. Torn between the responsibilities of his profession and how he feels toward Alice, Krause’s portrayal of Mr. X deems him an antagonist viewers see in a protagonistic light. Second only to Enos’ performance, Krause sets the bar high for his fellow costars. Though he does a great job portraying the calm, cool and collected con man, he does an equally amazing job at portraying the emotionally distraught protagonist viewers’ hearts bleed for.

As if the acting weren’t enough. The framework of the show’s plot is perfect for today’s viewers. Revolving around electronic finances, identity theft and infidelity, The Catch pulls together many of the common everyday fears a modern audience would face. With the realistic and timely plot as a well-needed reprieve from today’s popular Science Fiction vampire vs. werewolf, or alien vs. zombie plots, The Catch is a modern and creative addition to the network that stands apart from other current TV shows.

With the timely and layered plot, the compelling characters and extremely talented cast, there is no question about whether or not the pilot was a success. Now a frontrunner on my DVR, ABC’s The Catch will continue to air at 9 p.m. on Thursdays. Be sure to tune in for a show that is timely, exciting and has a little something for everybody.