SpringFest entertains students


Student Activities Council hosted a week of SpringFest events March 28 through April 1 to add a little entertainment and excitement to the spring semester.

The first day of SAC’s SpringFest included Musician Cas Haley, who was the runner-up for season two of America’s Got Talent. He performed during lunchtime in the cafeteria on March 29.

That evening, SAC also hosted “Do You Remember Being a 5th Grader,” giving away $600 in cash prizes during the event.

The next evening, Jake Bucher, associate dean of the School of Professional and Graduate Studies, gave his Last Lecture. The focus of his lecture was to give his own definition of the saying “Sorry, Not Sorry.”

Part of Bucher’s lecture included him talking about his kids and what he wishes for them in the future. He said that he hopes they grow up knowing that they don’t need to apologize for being themselves.

On Thursday evening, magician Ben Seidman from the show Penn & Teller: Fool Us<em>Penn & Teller: Fool Us</em> performed. performed. Penn & Teller: Fool Us performed.

“The magician was both funny and did really cool tricks,” sophomore Olivia Allen said. “He ended it with us in awe.”

The last performance of the week was hypnotist Dale K on Friday night. A group of students volunteered to be hypnotized, and although hypnosis didn’t work for some, it worked on sophomore Jordan House.

“I didn’t expect for it to actually work,” House said. “I was asleep but wide awake at the same time.”

Dale K’s hypnotizing powers had a comical effect for the audience and a mesmerizing effect on the volunteers who were hypnotized.

“The hypnotist was a really good experience,” sophomore Rosie Hollis said. “I’m glad SpringFest went on because it gave me good laughs and allowed a break from school.”