Community Wellness Festival to promote personal health

Story by Abigaile Roorda, Writer

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Baker University and the Baldwin City Recreation Commission will co-host the 15th annual Community Wellness Festival on Saturday, April 9, in the Collins Center.

“This festival is for students, staff and community members,” Dean of Students Cassy Bailey said. “Everybody is welcome.”

The day will feature many events. The first is a 5K Community Run/Walk at 8 a.m. This has an entry fee of $15 for a single person and $30 for a family. Registration begins at 7:45 a.m. at the Collins Center.

At 9 a.m., the Collins Center will open to the community. Inside there will be 60 vendors with health information for everyone. There will be free health screenings for a reduced price. Students and community members can have a variety of blood tests done for $40.

Coordinator of the Health and Counseling Center Sherri Pahcoddy is one of the main organizers for this event.

“We try to have something that’s interesting for all ages,” Pahcoddy said.

There will also be free give-aways to the attendees. Prizes include two children’s bicycles, two adult bicycles and Royals’ tickets. Prize drawings will happen every 15 minutes.

Pahcoddy has worked to ensure that this event will reach everyone in the community. The goal of this festival is to keep people informed on their personal health.

“In the past, we’ve had people get back their blood tests and have found that they had cancer,” said Pahcoddy. “The pre-screening kept them healthy.”

In addition to the paid testing, there will be booths that check things like posture, eyesight and hearing without charge. BU students can attend this event for basic education on their own health.