SAC event ‘Maximize Your Buzz’ to promote safe drinking

Story by Brenna Thompson, News Editor

As the incoming freshmen adapt to student life, the Student Activities Council invites them, along with members of the Greek houses on campus, to listen to a presentation on alcohol safety and education. SAC will partner with Collegiate Empowerment to present a lecture titled “Maximize Your Buzz” at 9 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 8, in Rice Auditorium.

Director of Student Life Randy Flowers said it’s called “Maximize Your Buzz” because if you decide to drink, they want you to just get to that buzz, but not get wasted. This means not reaching the point of blacking out or passing out.

Flowers said the past four years Baker has done a lecture called “Intersection of Two Lives,” which involves a sheriff’s personal account of a drunken driving accident. He said SAC will most likely still have the event in the spring; however, they are excited to partner with Collegiate Empowerment for the fall event

“We wanted to go a different route. They (College Empowerment) take serious topics and make them fun,” Flowers said.

He said alcohol is always something that Baker wants to cover, including a possible lecture series for the first-year experience using Collegiate Empowerment. He said if it goes as well as he hopes, BU may get more involved with the company.

“We want a lecture series with the SN program, so this is working toward that,” Flowers said.

Brittany Crittenden, an SAC member, said, “I think it’s important especially for freshmen to learn the dangers of alcohol early in the semester.”

She and Flowers said the lecture isn’t telling students not to drink, but instead how to drink safely.

“It’s not about not drinking. It’s about being a responsible drinker if you do decide to drink,” Flowers said.

The event is required for all Greek houses and highly encouraged for freshmen. However, SAC President Blake Edwards said all of campus is welcome.