Baker students prepare for Election Day

Story by Lily Stephens, Writer

As election day draws closer, Baker’s Student Activities Council is making plans for an election watch party, and some students are becoming more vocal about the importance of voting.

Around campus several events have already been held to encourage students to vote. The Politics Club held a watch party for the first presidential debate, and Baker Serves recently hosted a voter registration table in the Long Student Center.

“I don’t care who you vote for, you just need to go vote,” senior Michaela Jamison said. “The numbers really matter, especially this year.”

Freshman Thomas Graham is passionate about supporting the Republican party and has a keen interest in politics. He made sure to register to vote once he turned 18, caucused in his hometown of Wichita and will vote this November in his first presidential election.

“I think it’s very, very important people vote,” Graham said.

Graham shared that he is disappointed by his party’s nominee, but that won’t stop him from voting.

Senior Luke Miltz is also adamant about the power of voting. He said that taking voting for granted “puts to shame the people that have died to secure our freedom and secure our rights in this country.”

“I think if you don’t vote on election day, you don’t have the right to complain about anything that happens in the political system,” Miltz said.

Miltz, Graham and Jamison all mentioned that this next president could affect the job market, which is on their minds and the minds of their peers.

“Whoever wins, whatever policies they implement, we are going to have to deal with for the first couple years of our working life,” Jamison said.

Graham said that he is frustrated and thinks that the candidates are “not really focused on the real issues.”

Jamison also noted that she is disappointed to see “such a negative kind of election” be the first many students, including herself, are able to vote in.

“However, I think that in this election our votes are more important than previous elections,” she said.