Luke Miltz lands internship with Delta Delta Delta


Senior Luke Miltz.

Story by Julia Sanders, Writer

From being the manager of the cross country and track teams to a member of Student Senate, senior Luke Miltz is involved in many campus activities. Now, Miltz has the unusual opportunity to work closely with Delta Delta Delta sorority’s national office.

As graduation approaches, Miltz ideally sees himself working at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. To build up his future resume, Miltz began looking into and applying for internships. He has been awarded an internship that gives him the opportunity to work for Delta Delta Delta sorority and its Body Image 3D program.

Since St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is the sorority’s philanthropy, Miltz thought that this internship could ultimately be a “good recommendation” for when he applies to St. Jude.

While Delta Delta Delta sorority is raising awareness about children’s cancer through St. Jude, the organization is also raising awareness for positive body image in college women. Body Image 3D promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit by implementing workshops in which sorority members around the country can participate.

These workshops are available to women in their second year of sorority membership. Miltz’s main priority with this internship involves organization, and he will work remotely at Baker.

“My job with [this internship] is mostly to work with the facilitators and the women in the collegiate chapters and help them connect [for the workshops],” Miltz said.

Miltz believes that this internship is a good fit for him, and people around campus agree.

“Luke just has a certain energy to him that helps make things happen,” sophomore Caringtyn Julian said. “He’s very detail-oriented, this [internship] is where he is supposed to be. He is going to be great.”

Miltz is excited about getting to learn more about Delta Delta Delta sorority through this internship. Based on his previous knowledge and the events he has already participated in, he sees “how positive the culture is, and how the organization affects the lives of the women who participate in it.”

The issue of body image affects many people. In fact, 58 percent of college-aged women have felt pressure to reach a specific weight (

According to junior Holly Chestnut, social media platforms are partly to blame for this, but through the Body Image 3D program, the women of Delta Delta Delta are able to “make people feel good about who they are.”

Through this internship, Miltz wants to see how his connection to the Body Image 3D program can help empower and educate Delta Delta Delta women to be leaders for their community.

Miltz will also get the chance to make connections that may help him in his future career while he gets to advocate for an issue that he finds important.

“I would like to ultimately help the program grow and develop so that Tri-Delta women can reach their full potential as leaders, promoters, and educators for body positivity and positive mental health,” Miltz said.