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Cool cars owned, driven on campus

Story by Margo Rodewald

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Ever since he was a child, sophomore Jordan Robertson grew up with a love of cars.

It’s a love he shares with his dad.

And it’s a love that includes a dream of owning a 1967 Shelby Mustang.

“It’s the car I’ll probably never be able to afford in my life,” Robertson said. “But, it’s always the car that I, as a kid, have always loved and wanted to have.”

But even though this model of Mustang may not come into his possession, he still has a nice car he loves.

At the end of his senior year of high school, he purchased a hunter green 2006 Jeep Sahara. He put up half the money for it, and his dad agreed to pay for the other half, since Robertson received a scholarship to attend Baker.

Robertson said he really likes the personality that comes with his Jeep, on top of the fact it gets good gas mileage and makes for an excellent ride to go mudding.

Even though his Jeep is a nice vehicle, Robertson said he’s not really concerned about vandalism or break-ins.

“There’s always the problems with (break-ins), so I always take the precautions; lock my door and make sure my windows are up,” he said. “My car’s pretty distinguishable, so I can pick it out of a crowd if someone did decide they wanted to take it.”

Another distinguishable car on campus is freshman David Kelly’s 2009 Chevy Malibu LS. He bought it last year entirely with his own money by doing a lot of farm work and found it very rewarding to purchase a car with money he earned.

Kelly likes the speed of his Malibu most, but has yet to get a speeding ticket.

On top of going fast, getting good gas mileage with his Malibu is another plus.

“It’s just a really good, reliable car,” Kelly said. “I know a lot of people have had problems with the newer 2009 Chevy models, but I haven’t.”

But, like Robertson, Kelly still dreams of owning a Shelby Mustang someday.

“I’ve always wanted a ‘69 Shelby GT Mustang,” he said. “It was my dream car, but that’s a little too much out of my price range.”

While that will always be his dream car, Kelly still finds his Malibu to be a nice ride.

Freshman Maddie Kristoffersen also finds the white 2002 BMW X5 her parents bought for her over the summer as a nice, bigger alternative to the old, smaller car her parents did not feel safe with her driving anymore.

While it is a nice, bigger car, one problem she does have is with gas mileage. It takes about $50 to fill up at the gas pump. But, she doesn’t travel much, except to her home in Leawood or to Lawrence.

Even though her friends always joke about vandalizing her car, Kristoffersen said she’s not worried about vandalism or break-ins on campus.

“There’s a good alarm system, but I trust everyone on campus,” she said. “And (campus is) so small that you could easily find out who did it.”

Even though she would like a Lexus or maybe another BMW down the road, Kristoffersen is content with the vehicle her parents got her.

“I like the one I have now,” she said. “It will suit me for a while.”

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