Editorial: Don’t rely on ‘mom friends’ this spring break


Bailey Horlander

Graphic by Bailey Horlander.

No one plans to be a mom friend in college. Every group of students seems to have one friend who plans outings, constantly looks out for others and always seems to have Germ-X on hand. This also tends to be the friend at parties who brings the overly drunken friends home safely, tucks them into bed and places a trash can and water bottle nearby.

However, it should not be just one mom friend’s responsibility to babysit peers in a social setting. Every student who decides to drink should be aware of the possible repercussions, not only for themselves but for those around them. Far too often, college students believe they can drink until they black out and then wake up with no memory of the night before.

It’s common for students to think that nothing bad will happen to them because Baker is safe and someone will take care of them. Unfortunately, no one is invincible nor immune from tragedy.

As spring break approaches, students must realize that the world outside of Baker isn’t a safe haven full of mom friends. All students should be prepared to rip the bottle out of their drunken friend’s hand, whether it ruins the good time or not, and end the night early.

Understandably, no one wants to be the buzz kill at a party, but sometimes it could be a lifesaving decision. Friends will probably thank you in the morning for their lack of a hangover, unstained clothing and preserved sense of dignity.

Additionally, instead of relying on someone to become the mom of the trip, perhaps spring breakers should designate a different sober person for each day of the trip. That way someone is always available to drive, think rationally and assist in the case of an emergency. After all, better safe than sorry, as moms like to say.

So, this spring break, let’s not rely on the mom of the group to corral a cluster of slurring, stumbling, crying and puking college students safely home. Instead, look. out for one another, cut each other off regardless of how “not drunk” friends say they are, and, if necessary, leave early.