Water Wars competition heats up

Story by Julia Sanders, Writer

Look out, Baker students. Squirts of water will soon be flying around campus as the annual Water Wars starts on April 5.

Water Wars is a competition sponsored by the Chapel Ambassadors. It has been a campus tradition for many years. Students who sign up receive another participant’s picture via email and are supposed to squirt that student with water –- anything from a sprinkle to a dousing will do the trick. Along with the pictures are the rules for the game, which primarily include not spraying your target inside of any buildings.

The game takes a large amount of organization, from sign-ups to emailing people their targets. The Chapel staff and the student ambassadors work together to make the game happen.

“We meet as ambassadors at our regular Sunday night meetings and talk about a lot of things but in particular, recently, we’ve talked about water wars and getting it going again,” Reverend Kevin Hopkins said. “We look for volunteers to go to the student center and help people sign people up. It kind of takes care of itself from there.”

Once the game starts, students have many strategies to evade their assassins during the game. For freshman Ethan Herring, his strategy will mainly include hiding and camouflaging himself.

“I plan to hide in buildings, run back and forth between my classes, and try to wear a hoodie so people can’t see what I look like,” Herring said.

Sophomore Anna Eichten participated in the game last year and had a good experience with it, despite getting out during the second week.

“I had fun with it, but just like any other thing, the hype dies down after like four days but people still do it, and if you’re successful in getting people out, then it’s really fun,” Eichten said.

Normally, approximately 100 students participate in the game, making it last for about four weeks. However, this year the numbers went down a bit. Hopkins thinks that this decrease in sign-ups is due to the rainy weather present on sign-up days.

“People weren’t thinking about getting water on them,” he said.

No true winner is ever really declared. The game is just a bonding activity for students.

“Nobody expects a big trophy or anything. It’s just a fun thing,” Hopkins said.

Rev Kev even participates in the game, but he is usually out within the first few days because he does not actively try to assassinate his target. However, he does have a strategy that he would use if he wanted to play.

“My strategy would probably be to wait for someone coming out of the student center or the chapel and just sprinkle them with water,” Hopkins said.

Participating students will be on high-alert during the next few weeks as Water Wars ramps up.

“All it takes is a few people,” Hopkins said. “It’ll be fun for whoever plays,” Hopkins said.