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Spring break time for fun but also for caution, safety

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Some Baker University students are soon to embark on an adventure complete with “sex on the beach” and plenty of “tequila sunrises” during one of the most anticipated weeks of the year – spring break.

Each year, these students spend a good portion of their paychecks and probably a better portion of the week celebrating their temporary taste of freedom by indulging in lots of alcohol, fun and sun.

Instead of focusing solely on the dangers alcohol abuse poses to college students, the editorial staff of the Baker Orange would like to offer up an array of advice for celebrating during spring break.

First, plan your vacation well. Even if you and your pals decide to fly by the seat of your pants, take the time to outline your adventure and a budget. Doing this makes you less likely to end up some place you really shouldn’t be and helps you to not blow all your money at the beginning of the week.

Next, try to include as many friends as possible. Not just because “the more, the merrier,” but because it’s more environmentally and economically friendly to car pool. As for being kind to mother earth, you really should know better than to leave your trash anywhere or to leave a fire burning in the forest.

Really make an effort to try at least one new thing while you’re on spring break, whether it’s a new culinary treat, a challenging sporting feat or meeting a new friend.

Lastly, because it has to be said – be safe.

Don’t drink in excess, don’t drink and drive, don’t do drugs and look out for your friends along the way.

But have fun.

Some day, each college student will come to the realization that spring break is truly one of the finer luxuries on the path toward the real world.

Post-graduation, you’ll unlikely ever be offered a full week during which no one cares if you go out and make a fool of yourself, although you might get paid vacation instead.

Regardless, spring break is a rare and fleeting thing, so make the most of it.

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