Senior displays work in art show


Story by Cassie Wells

Baker University studio art major Holly Steffen’s senior art show is centered around the image that society as a whole is being dictated by an addiction of consumption of possessions.

“This is a struggle that all people face,” Steffen said. “This is especially personal for me in my own life, and I wanted to convey that in my senior show.”

Senior studio art majors are required to put together an entire art show before they graduate.

Steffen is the only graduating senior of the studio art major this semester.

“This art show must consist of a coherent body of work, and all the pieces of art should relate to one another, and there has to be a overall message the artist coveys through the art as one body of art,” Art Faculty member Jennifer Jarnot said.

Along with putting together the show, the student is responsible for publicizing the show and creating an oral defense, in which the artist explains his or her art to a professor in the department while the art is in the gallery.

“Next year, there are about six seniors that will have art shows to present before graduating,” senior Cate Richards said. “I’ve gotten a lot of ideas from Holly’s show for my show next spring.”

While finishing up school, Steffen works full time at Francesca’s Collection Boutique as a store manager.

Steffen said working in a clothing store highlighted society’s issue of always wanting more.

The main goal of Steffen’s installation is to show individuals what it looks like from the outside looking in on a consumer society that is always pressuring the world to buy more and to get more.

“The art show is called ‘Binge’ because people like to buy things while they ‘binge,'” Steffen said.

Students can present any form of art for their senior art show.

Within this show, there are two-dimensional, three-dimensional and four-dimensional art pieces that are meant to speak to the viewer and contribute to the focus of the message of the entire piece.

“The people that come and look at the art will see it differently,” Steffen said.

Various consumer goods, services and addictive substances are also included to help portray the message.

Steffen’s artwork will remain in the Holt-Russell Gallery until Monday. The studio art students get a week to install their art and a week to take down the art.

“This project teaches the seniors what it’s like in the real world of art,” Jarnot said.