Intellect more important than physical traits

So, what job in the world might just pay the most salary to its employees? What job, which is solely based on how well one can control his physical being, has become the forefront of entertainment? Let me paint this picture.

Kelvin is a middle school teacher, of whom, is the best at what he does. His friend, Albert, is an all-star football player, who automatically has fame and money just because he blocks for a maniac with a ball stuck to his hands.

Albert brutally spears an individual who just so happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong object in his frightened hands. It is clear that Kelvin is one of the reasons Albert ever achieved such conceivable dreams. Kelvin is clearly the reason why hundreds or even thousands of others have attained their dreams.

Yet compared to Albert, Kelvin is nothing but a boorish nobody who just so happens to teach adolescents. Albert and Kelvin still maintain a strong friendship, but Albert knows that the subtle Kelvin deserves more credit from society in what service he does for it.

In this society, everything is first and foremost based on the perpetual physical appearance. Even among the halls of history, when the American government was highly concerned with Manifest Destiny, they would always look for the best-looking land.

They would always accept the most normal, therefore the best-looking people, of the time.

The American Indians and the blacks obviously didn’t fit their appearance of normalcy, so they were hated and dismissed as animals.

If the ignorance of bigotry could dissuade the unity that people could’ve had back then, then one must know that appearance is the first and the last thing an individual may forever remember.

In a relationship, a man’s deepest wish is to meet a woman who is irresistibly beautiful, abundantly intelligent and distinctly caring. Someone he can call his own; his dream girl.

Women want the same thing in a man, with the addition of masculinity and confidence. However, there are a lot of instances where the wish of a caring and intelligent woman is pushed to the side to be replaced by beauty.

It’s the same with confidence being replaced by masculinity in how big a man’s muscles are. The extroverted qualities of appearance aren’t nearly as important as the introverted qualities of the mind and spirit. The heart of this matter being that the body cannot simply exist without the aid of its intellect.

I am specifically mentioning the decimation that sports have brought to the human mind in deceiving it to only allow the individual to care about his physical being.

I am not saying that sports are bad, as a matter of fact, on the credentials of health and social interaction, there really is nothing better.

In contrast, I must beg to differ in allowing others to think that shooting or kicking a ball is a better use of time than reading a book or a publication of some kind.

Others should keep in mind that a balance of these two is adequate in living, thinking and breathing.

According to statistics by the Literacy Company, 50 percent of American adults are unable to read an eighth-grade level book, 46 percent can’t understand the labels on their prescription medicine, 21 million Americans can’t read at all, 45 million are marginally illiterate, and one-fifth of high school graduates cannot read their diploma.

Boy, no wonder so many people state how much they hate to read so emphatically. These statistics tell me that we, as people, need not only to test our physical capabilities, but our mental as well.

Football, basketball and baseball won’t always be out there to indulge in, accompanied by the presence of the morning dew attacking the legs. A human body can only take so many messages that the mind, itself tells it to do. That’s just it. The mind is what makes the difference. Without it, how can football players predict movement, and how can baseball players judge where the ball is heading in order to hit it.

Just as Albert would be nothing without people like Kelvin, the physical would be nothing without the intellect to use it. That is why I cannot understand the emphasis of sports over school.

Why do athletes, who make their living pleasing a crowd of ignorant, fun-loving people, get paid more than people of intellect who actually change the world teaching and instilling principles in the future leaders of this country? In my opinion, all instructors should receive as much, if not more than, athletes. Athletes only appeal to sports fans and do not take any part in truly affecting the youth, personally, such as teachers do.

It is true that sports are entertaining, but aren’t movies entertaining too? Athletes get paid so much that the professional sports have grown quite bland because of the loss of incentive to win and impress people.

I ask the reader, would you do your best if you already were aware of the immeasurable money you were yearning to receive was to come the next day. I wouldn’t, yet an instructor, a person of planning, must distribute information accurately every day. So what’s the point I am trying to make?

Sports are all well and fun, but education and literature, tools of the mind, are a lot more important. When you have injured yourself or have become too old to play, that is when you’ll understand that appearance isn’t everything. Mind over matter is the only way to go.