One Baker, One Goal: A day of giving

Story by Nathalia Barr, Managing Editor

On Tuesday, Sept. 19, Baker will host an inaugural 24-hour online day of giving. Baker University is “hoping to engage current students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and community members in one whole day of giving back to Baker,” Development Officer Rachel Shuck said.

Shuck and the development team have been collaborating with the alumni association, marketing team, IT department and several other groups to make this Day of Giving happen.

The Day of Giving will replace Phonathon, which has been a large fundraiser in the past. The difference is that all donations can be made online throughout the entire day.

“I think it’s important to really meet people where they’re at and recognize that lots of people sit in front of a computer all day long, and they’re on social media interacting with people,” Shuck said. “We wanted to meet those people there, so it’s online-driven and through social media. You literally can take 30 seconds and make your gift online, and you’re going to make such an impact.”

After a gift is made, the donor will receive a link to post on their personal social media accounts that others can use.

All the proceeds will go toward the Baker Fund for Scholarships. Shuck stressed why the Baker Fund is so important for current and future students.

“We are so fortunate to have alumni and community members and parents who give toward specific scholarships, but this fund is the general fund for scholarships so lots of students are eligible and there’s not necessarily restrictions on that fund.”

One goal for the day is to create a competitive fundraising atmosphere. Different challenges will be unlocked throughout the day for donors. There will also be a student challenge along with other fun activities and giveaways throughout the day in the Long Student Center.

“Every little bit helps, and it’s a great way for current students to say ‘I value that somebody did this for me, and I want to pay it forward for future students,’” Shuck said.

Students can also get involved by volunteering. There will be a calling center set up in the Long Student Center for student volunteers to call those who make a donation and thank them for giving back.

Senior Kena Metzger encourages students to get involved with the Day of Giving.

“It’s about the people who choose to donate to us,” Metzger said. “They deserve to be thanked and appreciated, especially considering they are the reason that Baker can give so many scholarships, and who better to thank them than the students receiving the scholarships.”

As far as an end goal for the Day of Giving, participation is the main focus.

“We want to engage 600 donors that day,” Shuck said. “It’s just so important that people give back what they can, and we just really want people to recognize that it’s all about Baker and make a donation.”