Baker’s “no gun” policy aims to protect


Elizabeth Hanson

An example of the “no gun” signs which are posed on several campus buildings.

Story by Aradaisia Walker and Brenna Thompson

In July, Kansas passed legislation that allows possession of a gun on university territory. According to Kansas state law, students or faculty who have obtained their conceal and carry license have the right to maneuver campus grounds with their weapon on them. This law applies to all state schools in Kansas.

However, since Baker is a private university, it is not held to the same standards and reserves the right to have safeguards in place such as not allowing guns on campus grounds. Therefore, Baker University has decided to forgo the state law and will not allow the concealment of a firearm on campus.

“As a Resident Assistant, safety is a great concern for me, and administration reaffirming that guns would remain prohibited on campus provides comfort for me, other students and families,” junior Zasher Gary said.

Around campus grounds, buildings are marked to reaffirm the no-gun policy. The signs symbolize the safety that Baker values and the protection of students and staff alike.

“The signs were put up, but have not really changed anything on campus,” campus security guard Dillon Hood said.  “The signs were a formality, but the way we secure campus has not changed.”

The no-gun policy remains in place as an attempt to create the most secure environment for all of Baldwin City, as the well-being of the students and faculty serves as a major concern for Baker University.