Roorda discusses taking a predominantly freshman class

Story by Abie Roorda, Writer

One of the best things about Baker is being able to pick any class that fits into your schedule when you want it to. But there’s always that one class that you need that doesn’t fit (mostly because you won’t make it fit) until your last year. So here I am in my final semester taking General Chemistry 1 with a lab.

This is my second science lecture and my first lab. It’s not the workload that stands out about this course, but the breakdown of students. There’s a mix of class levels in my lecture, although it does have more freshmen, but my lab class is overwhelmingly freshmen dominated.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. It’s just an interesting occurrence. A class that brings together students of all grade levels.  At larger universities, this just doesn’t happen. It’s one of those truly amazing things that you get at Baker. The opportunity to know everyone because you probably had, or will have, a class with them at some point in your Baker career.

Looking back at my own freshman year, I remember one class in the spring semester that did this same thing. Introduction to Intercultural Communications brought together myself and one of my greatest friends from college who was a senior at the time. Without this class, I never would’ve had her in my life.

That class you’ve put off until the end, maybe it’ll be great and maybe it’ll be brutal. Overall, it’s not that bad to be in a predominately underclassmen course.