Luke Miltz: Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat


Justin Toumberlin

Baker graduate Luke Miltz is excited about his new role as an Admissions Counselor. Miltz is in charge of recruiting throughout the midwest.

Story by Mykaela Cross, Writer

Admissions counselor Luke Miltz returns to Baker University after graduating in the spring of 2017. During his time at Baker, he was involved in Zeta Chi fraternity and was student body president among other leadership positions. Now in the admissions office, Miltz will remain a familiar face on campus.

According to Miltz, returning to Baker is an exciting experience, giving him the opportunity to continue to serve Baker as it served him. Despite that excitement, he admits the change has also been challenging.

“It’s tricky, because it’s interesting trying to establish the boundary between my student experience and staff experience,” Miltz said.

One advantage to having been a student here at Baker are the relationships Miltz has with the students and staff he now works with.

“I’m learning lessons from people that I already know,” Miltz said. “I already worked in the admissions office as a campus tour guide, so many of my relationships here in admissions are being strengthened, but I’m doing a new kind of learning from the same people.”

Only removed from being a student by a diploma and a summer break, Miltz acknowledges the support and efforts of his student relationships and is appreciative of their professionalism.

“I have best friends that are current seniors here at Baker, so that’s been an interesting dynamic,” Miltz said. “They’ve been so supportive of my professional boundaries because they’re my friends.”

Miltz’s current position will entail meeting with potential incoming students and answering any and all questions they have about life at Baker. In addition to his work here on the traditional campus, his job will also take him away from Baldwin City as he tours the Midwest in an attempt to recruit students from Kansas’ surrounding states.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to help future Baker students find a home and their passions here,” Miltz said.

Miltz’s hopes for the future are to become president of a university. He finds that working within admissions is the perfect stepping stone to reach that goal.

“Admissions is the lifeblood of a higher education institution as it’s where and how students find out about them. So, long term it’ll be helpful to at least know the process,” Miltz said. “This will hopefully make me a stronger president down the line.”

As a member of the Zeta Chi alumni, Miltz has decided to take on the position of advisor for the fraternity. Zeta Chi member and current Baker junior, Jason Shipps, considers himself a friend of Miltz’s and is excited to see his face around campus and within Zeta Chi.

“I’ve known Luke the entire time I’ve been here at Baker, first as an orientation leader my freshman year, and then through Zeta Chi last year,” Shipps said.

Having had many experiences with Miltz throughout his time at Baker, Shipps feels as though there could not be anyone better for the job or more deserving.