Dealing with commitment issues

Every day I wake up with the same fear of commitment.

Yes, commitment in my love life because I don’t have time for the opposite sex, but more importantly, commitment with my fitness and health. Over the summer, I eat healthy, work out and try to have an active lifestyle. I feel great, positive, happy about life and ready to take on the world.

When August rolls around and I pack Shug (my car) up with all of my stuff and come back to Baker, I have to change my entire lifestyle.

Living in the New Living Center makes it hard to cook the meals you typically make at home. Mini fridges can only hold so much and I’m forced to turn to Sodexo food. It’s convenient and cheaper, so I go and try to find something “healthy.”

Whenever I’m not eating healthy I feel like…trash. So when I feel sluggish and tired it affects everything else in my life. “I feel great, positive, happy about life and ready to take on the world.” I said that up there just a minute ago. When I come to school there’s maybe half of the great, half of the positivity, I’m still happy about life, but I’m still figuring out how to take on the world.

Much of that stress comes from not eating healthy foods that give me energy and being forced to eat unhealthier options everyday. Working out and eating healthy fit together if you want to be healthy overall, so when I don’t eat food that gives me energy it doesn’t make me want to work out. So I’m writing this today and I just ate a Fruit Roll-Up for lunch and now it’s raining and I’d rather not go to the gym or leave my room.

I could always give it more effort but everything is so difficult with classes, graduation stress, looking for a job, sleeping in between the stress and then doing it all over again.

I just try to take everything day by day. A banana here, an apple there and maybe go to the gym once or twice a week.

There’s not really any balance and there’s still no commitment in my life so I’m still at square one.

Our lifestyles change when we come back to school, but take my fitness and health struggles as an example of how not to be.

Through the adversity and stress of your environment, put effort into taking care of yourself because it brings positivity to your life and it makes you feel good about yourself, inside and out.