Six Baker people you should know


Jenna Black

Tom Kennedy is one of the six Baker people you should know.

Story by Spencer Brown, Assistant News Editor

Baker University prides itself on its family-like atmosphere. Faculty and staff members across all departments of Baker play a large role in the development and success of students. Though their job descriptions differ, their individual responsibilities all work together in order to create the atmosphere that makes the university a true home away from home. Although the Baker Orange staff recognizes the vital part everyone plays within the prosperity of the university, the following six staff members are ones that we believe every student should know.

Whether you meet them personally or only see their emails, these staff members represent various aspects of the university that truly allow it to thrive. In case you’ve never met them, we’ve asked these six what they see as their role within the Baker community, as well as a fun fact that most people may not know about them. The next time you see them on campus, give them a wave and thank them for their dedication to making Baker University a special place to be.

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