Baker hosts 11th blood drive


Justin Toumberlin

Sophomore Serenity Boggess donates blood to the American Red Cross. Her donation will go to anyone in need of a blood donation.

Story by Julia Sanders, Writer

Baker University hosted its 11th blood drive on Nov. 29. Sponsored by the Red Cross and held in the Long Student Center, students and community members alike came together to donate their time and blood to save lives.

This year the event was run by junior Michelle Henry who is a Red Cross/NAIA ambassador. Through a summer training program, she was able to learn how to put together a blood drive.

“Over the summer I traveled to Washington D.C. and was at the Red Cross headquarters for two weeks with 11 other students from across the country,” Henry said. “We learned a lot about what it means to donate blood, how to effectively market and plan a blood drive, as well as talked a lot about leadership.”

In addition to learning skills, Henry also learned about the importance of giving blood during her trip. This led her to want to “make each blood drive great and encourage as many people to donate as possible so we can save as many lives as possible.”

Henry had help planning this event from multiple people including Assistant Director of Student Life Josh Doak and the Red Cross Representative for Baker’s campus Susan Faler.

Doak feels that giving blood is a valuable opportunity that students should participate in.

“Donating is an opportunity for someone to save a life,” Doak said. “The best part about donating is that people have the opportunity to help someone in need, and it didn’t cost them anything but their time.”

Henry worked to get the word out about the event by including fun activities, like a raffle, for those who came to donate. Different local businesses donated prizes for the raffle.

Due to the collaboration, timing and importance of this event, it took many sources in addition to the donators to make this blood drive happen. Even Doak, who has been a part of planning the other 10 blood drives on campus, still finds each event to have its own unique attribute.

“Although I have been a part of coordinating about 10 blood drives, it is fascinating to see every drive is different from the past,” Doak said. “I work with great students who want to learn, help and grow a blood drive so that others can benefit.”

Students were able to schedule an appointment or just walk-in to donate blood, and those who didn’t show up to their appointments were filled in by “generous walk-in donors,” according to Doak.

Sophomore Lanae Shelly donated blood for the first time at this event.

“It was my first time so everything had me antsy, but it was all worth it,” Shelly said. “It felt great to know that I was saving some lives.”

Senior Cameryn Galvan also donated blood and with her background in medicine, she was especially interested in it.

“I donated blood because going into healthcare, I know how important it is,” Galvan said. “I had signed up for blood drives in the past and always got sick right before the day. This time, I was glad that I had the chance to donate and hopefully help someone in need.”

After the event was over, both Doak and Henry were very pleased with the outcome.

“I’m really pleased with the turnout from the drive,” Henry said. “A lot of people made their appointments and we had a ton of walk-ins. It was awesome to see the Baker/Baldwin community come together to help save lives.”