The Late Night Grille satisfies cravings


Elizabeth Hanson

The Late Night Grille has numerous menu options to further accommodate students. Flex dollars, cash, or credit can be used to purchase Grille items.

The Late Night Grille, located inside the Long Student Center, is now open to the Baker community from 8-10 p.m., Thursday through Sunday. The Grille options available for students to satisfy their nighttime cravings range from sandwiches and burgers to hot wings, onion rings and tater tots.

Baker Sodexo General Manager Jeff McCullough said the addition of the Late Night Grille is to create the maximum value in the students’ meal plans.

McCullough said the decision to have flex dollars roll over as well as the Grille opening do just that by providing an additional venue to spend their wildcat cash.

Director of Student Life Randy Flowers said that Student Senate feedback, in conjunction with the student culinary committee created the idea to offer hot food options after hours.

Flowers said these committees heard the students’ concerns and agreed a venue for late night dining would benefit the entire Baker community.

With the addition of the grille, students will have the option to use their flex dollars, providing more options and hours to  purchase food and drinks. Students may use those flex dollars at both the Daily Grind and the Grille; however, cash or card can also be used.

Late night hot food items are new to the students and some of the staff, however, those who have been on campus before Sodexo remember the space was once the Wildcat Café, which was open from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. In fact, the Wildcat Café sign still hangs over the current grille area.

“It creates some nostalgia,” McCullough said. “We wanted to give back those nighttime hours that the café once had.”

The Wildcat Café was a place to study and socialize, and McCullough hopes the grille will provide a similar environment.

“Sometimes I’ll stay in the union working on homework for hours,” junior Gabby Miller said. “It’ll be nice to have a place to take a study break.”

Flowers said because such a small town lacks available late-night restaurant options, the Grille will provide food options not offered anywhere else in town.

“We’ve been given comments and suggestions that students want extended hours,” McCullough said. “There isn’t anywhere else for them to hang out at that time of night.”

Miller says the Grille will finally allow her to order food without driving to Lawrence or waiting in a drive through.