A perfect Baldwin City Valentine’s Day


Spencer Brown

Page 8 and 9 of the February issue.

Look, Valentine’s Day is here and whether you have a special someone to share it with or not, much like myself, let’s make the most of the day. It’s not worth your time to wallow. I’m no relationship expert, but I like to think I know what the people like.

So grab a few friends or that S.O. and listen to my ideas for the perfect Baldwin City Valentine’s Day that requires only a few essentials and a little creativity.

To kick off your day share some morning coffee and contemplation somewhere unique and relaxing in your house, apartment or dorm with some people you care about.

If you have time, wake up and spend it lounging in your pajamas before class.

Little moments like this are important to lots of people and might mean more to your person than you realize.

If you like to start your days on an active note, go workout with friends or your significant other. It can be anything from a nice wintery morning walk or easy stretching to a gym session. Exercising with people is a great way to create new memories and share the endorphin rush that physical activity provides with someone else. Personally, this is one of my favorite things to do with friends.

After your relaxing morning together slip a note, card, small gift or snack into their bag before heading out to class.

Decide what you think they would appreciate most. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, no giant teddy bears needed, a note or post-it could mean the world to someone if you put your time into it.

After class hop in the car and drive up to Signal Oak, Douglas County Lake or any other little Baldwin outdoor gem for a midday picnic.

Bring a warm beverage, blanket and a little snack. Take in the view and chat about the roses and thorns of your day, aka highs and lows. Highs and lows are a great way to chat about things you normally wouldn’t and get to know your people better.

After your little outdoor excursion, go to the kitchen.

While going out is fun, we are all ballin’ on a budget. Restaurants are crazily crowded on Valentine’s Day and making dinner with someone you love is another great way to create new memories and show them how much they mean to you.

For some of you in the dorms, you just gotta rock what you got and use that microwave and George Foreman or pick up some takeout! Whether cooking or getting takeout learn your person or peoples favorite food, drink and dessert.

Cap off the night with a movie, gift exchange or anything else your heart desires.

Try to think about how some of your favorite memories were made and what you were doing when you made them. I guarantee it will give you a lot of ideas.

Life is all about the people you share it with, and valentines day is a wonderful excuse to let those people know they matter to you.

I hope you feel a little more inspired and excited about Valentine’s Day. College can be a weird time where you are first experiencing real love or real singleness, but no matter where you are you can still enjoy this weird little day and do a little extra for those you love. Thanks for listening and Happy V-day.