Lockdown policy implemented for students’ safety


Elizabeth Hanson

An example of the “no gun” signs which are posed on several campus buildings.

Story by Sarah Day, Writer

Due to recent events, it is important that students are aware of the university’s lockdown policy. Although Baker has a relatively low crime rate overall, particularly for crimes that would require a lockdown, students should be aware of what to do if a situation arises that causes the policy to be put into action.

 The lockdown policy has been in effect for several years and is utilized for any major event that would require students to stay in a designated safe area until the situation is under control. Campus Security Officer Jake Born said that these events could be environmental hazards, bad weather, a problem with another student, angry protests or an intruder being present on campus.

 “The B-Alert System, which all students’ phones are registered to receive messages from, is the primary way we communicate with students about anything big [happening] on campus that requires them to remain in a safe area or seek shelter,” Born said.

 Born said that all the security officers are trained in the lockdown policy procedure and conduct regular training to ensure that their skills and knowledge stay up to date. However, students do not take part in these drills.

 “Lockdowns do not happen often. We haven’t had one since I’ve been here,” Born said.

 Although lockdowns may not happen often, that does not mean that students should not be prepared if one were to take place. Furthermore, it does not mean that students should be afraid to report something that seems out of place or strange to them.

 If students hear about something bad that may happen, Born said that they should notify security immediately. If a student cannot get ahold of security for any reason, they should let someone, such as an RA or faculty member, know.

 “Once we get a report, security will kick into effect the protocol that we need to alongside the BCPD (Baldwin City Police Department) in order to keep students safe,” Born said.

 Baker tries to limit these types of events through the strict policy against weapons on campus.

 “Any knife larger than 6 inches, which is state protocol, will be confiscated. When I say ‘confiscate it,’ I mean that the kid can come back and get it and take it off campus. As for guns, there is no tolerance,” Born said.

 Should a student find themselves face-to-face with a person with a weapon and an intent to harm, they are encouraged to take every precaution in order to protect themselves.

 “Lock the building, lock the room, barricade it and try to stay safe,” Born said. “Call BCPD as soon as possible and protect yourself.”

 If a student is not able to seek shelter, Born advised that they either get on the ground or run away in a serpentine pattern so that the assailant will have a more difficult time hitting them.

 “The one thing to not do is to try to be a hero in a dangerous situation – there’s no need to be a hero,” Born said.