Smile stones are hidden around campus


Jenna Black

A Smiley Stone sits on a window sill outside the Harter Union.

Story by Nathan Hills, Writer

“Smile Stones” are a new trend on Baker’s campus. They are painted stones hidden around campus for students to find. The first stones were painted and hidden around campus by an unknown individual. Each stone has a unique design, including a smiley face, a rainbow and a heart.

The official Baker Smile Stones Instagram page is @bakersmilestones and is where students who find the stones are featured. To be featured on the page, students who find stones around campus can post a picture of the stone and tag @bakersmilestones.

The creator of the Smile Stones, who choose not to reveal their identity, said “I just thought it would be nice for people to find a surprise. I am hoping every time someone finds a stone they know that someone wants them to have a good day. Life shouldn’t be so stressful and hopefully, they make people feel good.”

The Instagram page that is managed by the creator of the Smile Stones is the only form used to share pictures of the stones.

“I love seeing the posts and finding out where the stones are,” the creator said.

The creator of the stones thinks that the stones will have a positive impact on campus by giving people on campus something happy to see, relieving stress by making people smile and giving campus “something cool to have in common”.

Sophomore Kwynn Kelly is someone who has found a stone, one with a rainbow design and is featured on the Smile Stones Instagram page.

“I think community building activities like the Baker Smiles Stones are incredibly important for Baker,” Kelly said. “It’s a way for everyone to get involved in something, even if it’s something as simple as finding and hiding painted rocks.”

A stone with a smiley face painted on it was found by Sophomore Brittany Pagan, who said finding one of the Smile Stones made her day.

“For someone, or multiple people, to start this project it helps spread happiness and excitement throughout campus,” Pagan said

Initially, there were eight stones hidden around campus, some of which are still in their original hiding place. The creator of the stones has plans on hiding five more stones once they are painted.