Summer weather affects student behavior

Story by Angela Bober, Writer

Summer is here and with it comes sunshine and fresh air. Gone are the days of rain and snow. One thing students might not realize is that their habits change along with the weather.

“Seasonal Affective Disorder is usually in the fall through winter months,” Director of Health and Counseling Center Tim Hodges said. “It’s related to circadian rhythm and a drop in serotonin levels due to less sunlight.”

Change in weather can be a big factor as to why students do not show up to their classes.

“There is definitely in my experience a correlation in students either going to or not going to class,” Dean of Students Cassy Bailey said. “It’s funny because it’s not just the bad weather, but also students in good weather wanna take advantage of that.”

Skipping class due to rain or shine is common to us but it has come up as newer trend.

“In more recent years the intolerance has been for bad weather,” Bailey said. When it is raining outside the trek through campus can seem like a burden, especially with all of the puddles of water.

“The weather affects my mood, but I still make it to class. I am less likely to go if the weather is nice out because I want to be outside rather than in class,” sophomore Nicolasa Kenney said.

While saving your skips for the end of the year might seem like a great idea, you do miss important material that is being covered.

“I think students are very mindful of when they are gonna use their skips, I see kids using them sooner as opposed to using them later,” Bailey said.