Battlefront II attempts to redeem reputation


Alex Fortuna

A gamer plays Galactic Assault on the Naboo map. The trooper aims at enemies to protect the objective. Maps are comprised of various planets of “Star Wars.”

Electronic Arts (EA) “Star Wars” exclusive license has been a point of contention since its announcement in 2013. This contention has only been exasperated since the catastrophic release of “Star Wars Battlefront II.” However, despite the original problems facing the game, several changes haven been made and thus deserves a second chance.

“Star Wars Battlefront II” original format saw the implementation of a “pay to progress” system where players would have to spend actual real-life money to unlock new characters or appearances.

Many players were upset with this system and refused to play or even buy the game. Since then a bad reputation has permeated many people’s view of the game, which needs to change.

DICE, a subsidiary developer of EA and the prime developers of the game, has made several changes to the game, which has improved its quality of life. Now, most gamers would immediately leave any game whose system was so badly made, but DICE has shown genuine effort to change the game and displays interest in the ideas of the community. Both are traits anyone should hope to receive from a game developer for the live experience.

In the many updates the game has had since launch, the pay to progress system is completely gone and has been replaced by a new leveling-up system where experience and gameplay level players up, not money.

Credits, a currency only earned in game, helps players purchase differing skins or appearances for their heroes or troopers along with emotes. Credits are also used for unlocking new content such as heroes and thus, enables a level playing field in terms of new and old players competing in online multiplayers matches.

Microtransactions have been reintroduced in the game where players can buy Crystals, which act like Credits. However, Crystals can only be used to purchase appearances, emotes and victory poses for heroes or troopers.

In addition to these changes, DICE has announced new content coming out for the game. A new squad system will be introduced in September. October will see the addition of General Grievous as a playable character.

November will see the most in terms of new content with Obi Wan Kenobi and the planet Geonosis coming into the multiplayer experience. Later in the year, Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku will also arrive in the game, though an exact date as yet to be announced.

The multiplayer game modes are diverse, ranging from larger-scale game modes like Galactic Assault where forty players are in a match to smaller modes like Heroes Vs. Villains that has eight players. There is also Starfighter Assault, where players take to the skies and fight in space, rather than on the ground.

A new game mode was added in April called Ewok Hunt. Players spawn in as imperial storm troopers where they have to survive a night in the forests of Endor till there shuttle arrives.

Two players will spawn in as Ewoks where they hunt and defeat the stormtroopers. Each stormtrooper who is defeated will become an Ewok and the game is over once the shuttle arrives or there are no more stormtroopers.

Overall, “Star Wars Battlefront II” is a game that had a rocky launch period, but has since then evolved to a fun game that any “Star Wars” fan is sure to enjoy.