La Croix offers benefits to consumers

Story by Elizabeth Hanson, Editor

La Croix tastes like scented candles. La Croix tastes like an actual drink is still buffering. Basically, La Croix is the kale of the beverage universe. If you only like a whisper of flavor, then La Croix might be the beverage for you.

We’ve all heard the roasts about it on social media, either you love it or you hate it. The opinions are black and white, and there is really no in between. Whether if you drink the sparkling water or not, everyone seems to have an opinion about it.

When I came to college my desire to find a healthy alternative was what got me hooked to this brand. My freshman roommate introduced the drink to me and we always had a stash of it in our mini fridge. It’s relatively affordable for college students, and can be found at many grocery stores including the Baldwin City Market off of highway 56.

Sparkling water, specifically La Croix in this instance, serves a purpose that many social media goers omit. Other than the fact that some people out there genuinely like the taste of sparkling water, many people choose to drink sparkling water in place of soda or alcohol.

I personally would choose sparkling water over soda any day. I have a La Croix hat that the official @lacroixwater Instagram sent me last year. I also have little La Croix can stickers on my laptop and several boxes of the drink under my bed.

It’s not hard to see that I’m one of the people out there who openly loves La Croix, and honestly I’m not ashamed to say that I love it. I’m pretty obsessed with La Croix, and I appreciate all sparkling waters that are out there on the market.

Sparkling water has become more popular today than it ever has before. People may be hating on La Croix all over social media, but they’re still talking about it. Which I think argues the case that there are more people than you think enjoying the beverage in real life. La Croix is simply one choice of sparkling water that is out there for consumers to buy into. Their social media is popping, like seriously go check out their Instagram page.

But in all seriousness sparkling water can replace alcoholic beverages and introduce a healthier option. There are no sugar additives in the drink and it presents a healthier option to those who are trying to stop drinking soda. La Croix may not be what everyone looks for in a tasty drink, but that’s not what La Croix is. It’s less about the taste and more about the experience. I like the taste, but the other benefits of the drink are contributing factors to why I enjoy the beverage.