Understanding finances is important

Story by Sarah Day, News Editor

The college years are full of plenty of expenses and lots of opportunities to have fun. Many students split their time between school, extracurriculars and work.

Adulthood may still seem far away for students who are more dependent, while independent students seem to be right in the middle of it.

The lifestyle of college comes with newfound freedom, as well as the need to find money for entertainment and activities. Although some choose to save the money they have earned from a job or been given by loved ones, others opt to spend it on the newest technology, clothing and events. However, this behavior becomes an issue when young adults do not learn how to manage their money.

For those of us who are financially dependent, especially for a large amount of time, being used to a reliable source of income can become an issue once the adult world hits. One day, parents will not be there to provide support anymore, and living paycheck to paycheck is not the goal.

Baker provides several                 opportunities within courses for  students to better learn how to    manage their finances and make the transition from dependent to independent. These are the years to learn to understand the importance of saving as much as possible for the not-so-fun, inevitable adult expenses. The reward of learning these life lessons will be measured in the value of the money saved.

Students should keep the value of a dollar in mind when it comes to choosing how to spend their money and remember that saving now can ease the difficulties of life during later years.

Too many of us are guilty of going out for the late night run to Pizza Shuttle or to go see a concert when our bank accounts are pleading us not to go.

Saving money over a period of time provides the opportunity to pay for larger expenses down the line. Putting money in the bank is a much better choice than spending every cent of a paycheck the second it arrives.

Furthermore, considering how quickly the nation can fall into a state of economic turmoil, it is vital to protect oneself by taking          proactive measures to handle money with the greatest of care.

Retirement and other family     expenses may seem far away for most of us, but it is never too soon to start saving the means required to make dreams and the necessities of life possible. This is especially true considering the fact that social security and other services currently offered to the elderly population may not be available to our generation.

Cash and its availability is a very real issue and something that should be regarded more seriously when making decisions.