Susan Wade leaves Career Services


Emma Grossner

Director of Career Services Susan Wade is set to retire from Baker’s Baldwin City campus in late June. Wade will be working part-time at the SPGS campus as the Community Outreach Specialist. Wade also plans to use the extra time for some of her favorite hobbies.

Story by Sarah Day, News Editor

Director of Career Services Susan Wade has been a part of the Baker community for 16 years. Wade will be retiring at the end of June and will be off campus several weeks prior to that. She said there were a variety of factors that influenced her decision, including friends, family, finances and energy.

“I was visiting with retired friends recently and we all agreed that ‘you just know when it’s time,’” Wade said.

Currently, Wade’s days are quite busy with a large number of responsibilities. A few of her tasks include organizing events and interviews, meeting with students, making contacts with potential employers, visiting classes to present information and teaching BK100 and BK401.

“I love this job because no day is the same, [but] my first priority is to meet with students,” Wade said.

Wade  interacts with alumni on a regular basis, since many visit the University for the events she organizes. Some of these opportunities include Dress for Success Night, Mock Interviews and Networking and Etiquette Dinners.

Once she retires, Wade said that she is looking forward to having more of a free schedule. Her husband intends to continue working for the next several years, so Wade plans to remain in the area.

“I plan to travel, kayak, read, learn new things, volunteer and continue to become my best self,” Wade said. “I love my friends and family in the area and there are so many places I want to explore in Kansas and the Midwest.”

Although her time at the College of Arts and Sciences is coming to an end, Wade will be working part-time on the School of Professional and Graduate Studies campus doing work as a Community Outreach Specialist. Wade said Baker is a special place and that she will miss being present on campus each season.

“When students are on campus, I am at my best,” Wade said. “The relationships with students, faculty and staff, especially Student Affairs, [will be missed].”

Sophomore Gracie Chambers said Wade helped her understand her personal strengths and decide on a major during her first year of college.

“She asked me some questions and then she had me take a career test, and it came up with teaching,” Chambers said. “That’s how I’m in the major I am — she helped me decide and she also showed me that she believed in me.”

Since Wade fills a role that is almost entirely about assisting students in their endeavors through various forms of group preparation and one-on-one interaction, the excitement she sees from the success of those who she works with is Wade’s favorite memory from her time at Baker.

“Those times when a student [would] burst through my door because they [were] so excited they just received an offer for a great internship, job or grad school that we worked on together [made] my day,” Wade said.