Venmo makes splitting fares easier

Story by Emma Grossner, Staff Writer

“Hey, can I just Venmo you for that?” This phrase can be commonly heard throughout the streets of Baldwin City and beyond. The app can be downloaded to any smartphone and has quickly become a college student staple. It simply allows users to safely attach their credit card or banking information to the app, on which they can then send cash directly to other users of the app.

Venmo users also have the option to transfer the funds to their bank account or let them remain in their Venmo balance, giving them the seamless option to use them for their next exchange. Interestingly, the app also supplies a layout similar to various social media platforms, allowing users to ‘customize captions’ for their transactions. While, it also allows users to ‘friend others,’ of which they can then interact with or track their activity.

Convenience is a necessity for college students, as busy schedules allow for many to prioritize saving time above many other factors. Venmo allows for students to make a quick coffee shop run or grab dinner, while only having to worry about one check. Students can also use the app to split utility fares or Uber charges after a night out. The ease of the simple click and pay has truly become a game changer for Baker students.

Senior Kaysie Nielson feels as if Venmo has lessened the strain of paying others’ back and has made spending time with others more of a breeze.

“I love how I can pay others back within seconds. Venmo is super accessible and convenient. I’m also from out of state and the ATM fees are ridiculous, so It’s awesome that I can avoid pulling out cash at crazy rates,” Nielson said. “Instead, I can instantly transfer money to my friends with roughly zero fees at all. I feel as if I definitely pay others back more often than I would without the app.”

Baker students find carrying cash around to be annoying or inconvenient, as many rely on the app for a variety of get togethers with friends or family.

Senior Hannah Tolliver often finds herself wondering how she once survived without the ease of Venmo.

“Venmo has definitely made life easier for me because I hardly ever carry cash. It’s also great because many places don’t take cards, so I don’t have to go out of my way to try and find an ATM,” Tolliver said. “I would totally recommend it to friends, especially as a college kid who hardly ever carries cash.”

The app also isn’t only available to students within the States — it can be used internationally and might benefit students studying abroad.

Senior Matt Emerson feels as if Venmo provided a sense of comfortability when traveling abroad. Emerson used the app during his time at Harlaxton College.

“The app truly saves lives daily. On weekend trips, we could use it to split pizza, taxis, or Airbnb’s,” Emerson said. “It really allowed us to focus more on the cool traveling aspect and less on the stress of paying others.”

The app may also continue to positively impact individuals, even beyond their college years.

“I could see Venmo being useful beyond Baker and within my professional years as a future teacher,” Emerson said. “For example, when one teacher is going to pick up food for lunch on during work days, I could just Venmo them for the meal. In addition, if I’m ever buying a gift for a fellow teacher, perhaps baby or wedding shower, we could then easily do a ‘team’ gift, having one person purchase it and the others could just Venmo for their share.”

College can be quite stressful, so apps like Venmo that allow for students to ‘play more and worry less’ might be revolutionary in years to come.